Movie review: Don’t Think Twice

I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy, and one of my favorite Stand-ups is Mike Birbiglia. I first caught him on Comedy Central a few years back, and loved his self deprecating style, and the humorous stories he would tell about his family, his upbringing, and his life. When I had the chance to see him live I jumped at the chance and he did not disappoint. I was very excited to see the new movie (New in that it was released last July, but I was just now getting around to watching it finally on iTunes.) Don’t Think Twice. Don’t Think Twice is set in New York City and follows a group of friends who perform in a popular improv group. Birbiglia (who wrote and directed) plays Miles, the leader, teacher, founder of the group that includes Jack (Keanu’s Keegan Michael Key), Allison (The Big Bang Theory’s Kate Micucci), Sam (Community’s Gillian Jacobs), among others. The tight knit group finds that eventually all good thing’s must come to an end as Jack is given the chance to join a Saturday Night Live type sketch show, while the others grip with a combination of excitement for their friend/resentment that it isn’t them. To make thing’s worse, they’re losing the theater that they perform in, so if they hope to keep the group together they need to find a new home.

The movie features an excellent cast, with some surprising cameos (Ben Stiller pops in as Ben Stiller) and though billed as an indie-comedy, I would classify it more as a dramatic comedy with heart. In the 92 minutes I laughed, I cried, I found myself rooting for everything to work out for the group, and while they all find their own path by the end, generally they find themselves maybe not where they want to be but where they need to be at the next step in their lives. This was an excellent story from a man who tells stories for a living and I look forward to many more to come.